Friday, September 3, 2010

Painting Rain Barrels and Gaining Weight....

I have discovered something about myself. When I'm working on a project that I'm unsure about, I eat. And eat. And eat. So I can say "Thank YOU rain barrel!" for helping me put on 5 pounds that I really hoped I'd never see again.

On the bright side, my new rain barrel project is FINISHED! Well, except for the protective top coat. And probably 5000 touch-ups before I put on the protective top coat. But other than that, I'm DONE! Woo hoo!

This project came about from one of my super lovely friends and one of my first art collectors. I was extremely hesitant to take on the rain barrel b/c I am a big scaredy cat and I didn't really think I could do a "real" painting on a rain barrel. But painting is my greatest passion and I told myself that I can't let my fear prevent me from taking on a commissioned piece. And the best part is that when I started painting, it flowed so naturally and easily. It is probably the most natural piece I've ever done and I am SO super excited to see how it looks outside, catching raindrops! I just hope and pray she likes it as much as I do!

This was really an easy project that will make a HUGE difference in how the barrel looks outside the house. I started with a plain ugly blue plastic rain barrel which I cleaned with mineral spirits, then sprayed with Krylon Fusion paint in off-white so my colors were all vibrant and true. I then took outdoor acrylic paint and did the major shaping of the piece with paintbrushes, and finished off with my beloved Golden Open Acrylics to really punch up the colors. I plan on spraying a clear, Satin protective topcoat. I am nervous about how well it will weather. I'll keep you posted!

On an offhand note, I had Stanley Steamer clean my carpets today (I was more than a little embarrassed at how dusty my furniture is where I can't easily reach!) ANYWAY, one of the guys who did it happens to be a FABULOUS artist himself. He paints incredible murals and does really cool tattoo art. I would never have known this carpet guy was so talented if I hadn't been painting the rain barrel which sparked a long conversation about his art. You just never know how many super talented people are disguised in boring day jobs.

OK! I'm off to enjoy this storm about to blow in!

Renee :)


Ann said...

WOW, that looks awesome. It came out great.

sandy petals said...

Love your rain barrels!

FunkyFolky said...

Thanks guys :) I'm getting ready to start painting my next one... I hope it doesn't fade in the sun!